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Brand surfing

Find new up-and-coming brands, the latest trends, thousands of exclusive pictures and cool people to follow and engage with.


Brandize your pictures, create pertinent or personal brands correlation and become instantly popular in the neighborhood.


Create your private BrandKloud, add all brands that represent you, and discover your affinity with the members of the community.

Brand Surfing

Search for your favourite brands, find original pictures to like, share and comment with your friends and keep yourself always abreast of the latest trends.

Brand Tagging

Get involved in the community and keep your audience engaged . Brandize your personal pictures and get ready for your hall of fame.

Brand Affinity

Feed your BrandKloud with your favourite brands and meet new friends with the same affinity. You`ll be surprised how easy and funny is find what are you looking for.

General feature

“LIKE” your favourite brands and pictures to mark your preference and affinity.
“SHARE” brands and pictures with the other members of BrandKloud or on your other social profiles.
Click on “USE” if you use or used in the past that specific brand.
“MESSAGE” your friends or people you want to stay connected with.
“COMMENT” brands and pictures to say your opinion and start interacting with the community.
“FOLLOW” people and trends that you are interest in, and receive updates on the latest tendencies.